Scientist Fired Over Dinosaur Find

Whatever the truth of the ‘dino’ discovery and of the sacking of a scientist, both sides of the origins debate taking up their cudgels with which to beat each other into becoming the next round of fossil finds!

Science Direct, gives brief news on the case, and here is an actual press release from the scientist’s legal counsel. This is said to be one the more balanced articles reporting on the case (which might not include the comments that follow the article)!

While the issue has been addressed by CMI recently – December 2012, it was also addressed by CMI back in May 2009. It has been considered again by CMI in January this year, 2014.

Someone has said that the subject of origins is much too important to be left to the boffins, especially as boffins are in fact no less prejudiced and no more honest than the rest of us. Point taken. Take the history of hoaxes in the issue of origins to promote evolution. One is Haeckel’s Embryos. Other hoaxes are added to it here.

Jonathan Wells’ Icons of Evolution’ has its critics from the opposite camp but a reader can assess the many reviews of the book on Amazon. Enough to say the subject of origins should not be left to the boffins! We wait the outcome about any injustice done.

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Sudanese Christian Has Death Penalty Quashed

“Sudan court throws out death sentence against Meriam Ibrahim, convicted of marrying Christian man” says the National Post.

ABC News reported that Meriam Ibrahim was released today. Is the news reliable? The BBC appears to think so. I have been following her story and I am as pleased as must be everyone else at her release.

She was reported to have been incarcerated since last September, and recently gave birth to her second child in prison while her legs were shackled. Many prayers have been said on this woman’s behalf. But does she not represent so many others who suffer persecution and are deprived of their freedom?

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Sudanese Christian Jailed Mother Unshackled

Following previous posts, this is my recent reading on the Sudanese mother of two who waits the death penalty for being a Christian.


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Warning: Graphic Content Of Woman Being Flogged

I have joined in highlighting the plight of Meriam Ibrahim in a previous post, but it is not just Meraim Ibrahim who is to be given a hundred lashes, as well as execution by hanging, it is the plight of women generally who step out of line with Sharia Law that should concern us all – this video of publicly flogging a women should bother the whole of humanity! Meriam’s husband is a US citizen it seems but doesn’t seemed to have had much help from the US administration. US citizens protest outside the White house.

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Media Onslaught On UKIP Backfires

So says today’s Guardian. I’ve been wondering what has been going on with the media and the issue over Romanian Immigrants. The Daily Mail is just one newspaper that has been feeding us negative stories of ‘Aggressive Begging by Roma

It wasn’t Nigel Farage who published this headline! And now that Nigel Farage is repeating what the media has been saying over many months, UKIP is accused of being racist! It wasn’t UKIP that published this headline!

I don’t know any immigrants, including Romanians who have come to the UK for unemployment benefits. I do know immigrants, including Romanians who have come to work. But the Daily Mail and other newspapers are now in full swing denigrating UKIP because it has picked up some misfits so unsuited for the organisation, which it should have dumped.

But UKIP has served a valuable purpose. It has pushed David Cameron to demand reform of the EU and for less control over our nation than he might have done but for the popularity of UKIP STEPHEN GLOVER of the Mail is right when he says, “calling those thinking of voting Ukip racist is dangerous folly.”

He is also right when he says, “Ukip is on the same wavelength as many decent voters who might normally back the Tories or Labour or even the Lib Dems. My strong advice to the main parties, and their cheerleaders in the media, is not to act and talk as though they think the British people are racist.”

Raheem Kassam in his post, ‘The Daily Mail’s About Face On Nigel Farage,’ reflected my thinking when he reports:

“The Daily Mail performed a curious about-face on Romanian immigrants and criminality, as Nigel Farage came under fire for defending his comments that Britons would be concerned about a family of Romanian immigrants moving in next door to them.”

As I recall it was Tory MPs, reported by the Mail, who began this racist incitement about Romanian criminal elements.

Now they want to bash Farage for what it reported on Romanians! Even David Blunket had the Roma migrants down for possibly bringing about city riots.

Raheem Kassam goes on to recount some of the newspaper articles the Mail has published, which is a bit baffling unless one sees some kind of hypocrisy and unfairness in its treatment of Farage. But the Mail at least allowed Peter Hitchins to give a contrary view, as above, which still got misrepresented by the BBC to give a deliberately counter view – which Raheem Kassam picks up here. Anyone who read Peter Hitchens’ article would have to wonder how the BBC could get away with such misrepresentation of another journalist’s reporting. So with a combined media assault on UKIP, (and which other party is squeaky clean?), “Can Nigel still win in the EU election”? James Forsyth in the Daily Mail suggests we ask the postman!

“It is expected that 40 per cent of votes will be by mail and many have already cast their ballots. Westminster is certainly bracing itself. Senior figures in all three main parties admit they expect UKIP to win.”

Says Forsyth, “Miliband’s new guru, David Axelrod, who got Obama elected President, told him last week that UKIP’s success was part of the ‘age of alienation’.

Labour is now attacking UKIP in the way Obama did the Tea Party. The argument is that Miliband’s policies – not UKIP’s anger – will ensure ‘everyone gets a decent shot at life’.

But UKIP have made inroads into the Labour vote for the first time. So with the three parties and the media ganging up on Farage, what chance does UKIP have?

It doesn’t leave much choice for the Eurosceptic voter. Cameron winning is still iffy, and if he does win there is no confidence that he will get his reform of the EU, and Miliband and Clegg have no intention of putting any threat or pressure on the EU to reform. For those wanting reform of the EU have only UKIP. And we do read so regularly about the cost of belonging to the E.U. and the sheer wastage in the E.U, as MEP Daniel Hannan has shared in the press.

I don’t think anyone believes that Cameron would have pressed as hard as he has done if he hadn’t have been pressured by UKIP, and UKIP is only popular because much of the country is fed up with the un-elected E.U. exercising its powers over what was a sovereign state! Cameron may not have liked being pressured over the E.U. but nevertheless, Cameron needed Farage, otherwise it is unlikely that Cameron would be making the demands he is making on the E.U, even if he knows that they will come to nothing!

What will happen at the Ballot Box? We just wait and see. But it is interesting to see how the press comes out with all guns blazing at election time, each paper showing its colours. But the headline in today’s Guardian says: ‘Labour And Tory Attacks On UKIP Leader Backfire.’

Can the E.U. work with such hostility towards it on the Continent as well as in Britain? John Litchfield of the Independent sees the anti-EU dissidents on the Continent as quite disparate groups; not exactly bedfellows but some with which UKIP may make some alliance. But Litchfield leaves you with the impression this vote will for many be “A Chance to put the boot in.”


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Pregnant Sudanese Woman To Be Executed for Becoming A Christian

The Irish Times reports on a “Pregnant Sudanese woman sentenced to death for becoming Christian.” She is also to be given 100 lashes after she has given birth to her child before being executed. It is unbelievable except that “Amnesty International has described the death sentence as “abhorrent”, and calls for the woman’s release.

It appears the woman is guilty on two accounts by Sharia Law. First, she is guilty of marrying a non-Muslim. Second, although she claims to have been raised a Christian she is accused of converting to Christianity, which is considered to be adultery. Twenty months pregnant she is imprisoned with her 20 month-year-old son waiting for her sentence. The fuller story of this 8-month pregnant mother can be read here.

“International faith-based aid agencies have been helping Christians flee persecution at the hands of the Islamic government in Sudan, after South Sudan gained independence in 2011” reports the Christian Post.

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Baroness Hale & Better Protection Of Religious Belief

Says barrister Peter Smith, “Baroness Hale, one of the UK’s most senior judges, and the first woman appointed to the highest court in the land, recently set out in a speech to Yale Law School criteria for accommodating religious beliefs when these appear to clash with the rights of particular groups in society. In the light of same-sex marriage becoming law, and the demands of groups for the ‘eradication’ of views unsympathetic to theirs, the speech is timely and could be the start of a long-overdue restoration of the law’s balancing act on discrimination and religious freedom.

“Her logic, subtle and incremental as it is, may help tip the scales back towards protecting Christians living and working in the secular world,” says Peter Smith in Catholic Voice.

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Russia Draws A Line Under Crimea

So far and no further! That seems to be the message that President Putin has sent to the West in his annexing Crimea. Russia has been feeling vulnerable with the EU expanding its borders eastwards. The West has presumed too much on Russia. Ukraine now feels threatened by the Soviet military presence on its borders, but so does Russia feel threatened by the encroachment over territories sitting on its borders. What Russia has done in Crimea may mean an injustice to the West and it may mean another cold war, but Russia sees a need to protect its borders. We live in an easy world. David M. Herszenon gives a good overview and analysis for the New York Times of what has happened over Crimea in his article: “After Buildup of Grievances, Russia Drew Line in Crimea



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“Reality show snake-handling preacher dies — of snakebite” reports CNN.

Reality show snake-handling preacher dies — of snakebite” reported CNN.

Snake handling seems to have quite a long history in a small area of the US with death from snake bites not uncommon. Based on Mark 16:18-19, Bill Meuhlenberg says, “This passage is as much a misused passage as a difficult one. And its misuse can often be deadly.” It seems to me there is one sure antidote for a snake bite and that is, don’t handle venomous snakes!

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Innocent Man Freed After 30 Years On Death Row

Glen Ford was released from Death Row after 30 years because he was found to be innocent! Reports CNN, “New information corroborated what Ford had said all along:”

One comment on the report says, “The “system” took away a man’s life. What’s worse, executing someone, or depriving him of friends, family and the experiences of 30 years of a lifetime, which he can never reclaim? Why did it take 30 years to get this “new” information?”

A much fuller picture of Glen Ford’s Story is provided by Andrew Cohen, one of America’s leading legal journalists in, “Freedom After 30 Years On Death Row



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