2013 Could Be UKIP’s Year

Historian Max Hastings says Cameron’s EU speech was strong and bold and almost certainly his best, delivered with passion, “articulating every anxiety felt by his people about Europe.” British citizens feel strongly about our own overlords who have given our country away to the bloated Brussels’ bureaucracy “monstrously costly and ineffectual,” unelected and ruling over us without the consent of the country. But, to follow the ‘ifs and buts’ of politics, will the PM be there at the end of five years, many doubt; and will he have changed his mind by then anyway, and is it too late? Should we do something now? “79% Says We Should Ban EU Immigrants” says the Daily Express. If Cameron’s speech had an initial calming effect on Parliament and the media there is enough to read that suggests doubt about the final outcome when the time comes.

There is a lot written already about Brussels and Strasbourg that need no repeating, but what many of us ordinary citizens find overwhelming is the uncontrolled migration that we can’t do anything about that is overloading the infrastructure and services of the UK, the NHS, schools and housing and even roads.

My experience with immigrants is that they are hardworking. I see skilled immigrants doing menial jobs to get on and succeed. I see them putting up with living conditions that we would not. I read of them accepting wages that the British turn down. And from the conditions described in Bulgaria and Romania we can’t blame their citizens wanting a better life than where they are. On the other hand, it will ultimately be of no help to immigrants if we overload and sink the boat that is supposed to come to the economic rescue. There needs to be some control, which we don’t see at the moment. There are suggestions but the EU is in control, or perhaps its America!

Thinking of a referendum, things may not wait for 5 years, but could well change before the next election.  And after all is said and done, can we have confidence that a referendum will be realised anyway? All three parties have promised referendums but there hasn’t been one since 1975, and it seems, despite the PM’s speech, there is not likely to be one in five years time! And isn’t the news media right when we read it was under pressure from the growing popularity of UKIP that ‘the speech’ was made at all? So it’s not difficult to see why Cranmer’s Curate thinks 2013 could be the year for UKIP.  UKIP also supports traditional marriage. Next post.

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