The EU Referendum and a Frightened Electorate

David Cameron Warned Brussels: UK Will Be Successful Outside E.U. 9 Nov. 2016

UK Would Do Okay Outside the European Union, David Cameron Says – 9 Nov 2015

David Cameron Says He Will Not Rule Out Britain Leaving EU – 7 Nov. 2015

Cameron Admits Britain Is Capable Of A Future Outside The EU – 28 May

“DAVID Cameron was last night forced to concede Britain is an “amazing country” capable of building a future outside the EU.”

Having said all that we, the voters, are then told if we do anything different from what David Cameron says we should do, we will bring down Armageddon down ourselves! We have been   castigated like a lot of little kids for even thinking we should be able to think differently from what he tells we must do – after saying all will be OK if we have to leave the EU!

Right at the outset of the Referendum Debate the media has, “Cameron turns Nasty with savage attack on Boris”  There was no doubt for those of us who witnessed the attack on the News could see why the media reported they the way it did.  It got personal from the outset to humiliate Boris and perhaps let anyone else know what they might expect if they challenged the PM’s viewpoint on his ‘successful’ negotiations with Brussels. But Boris kept his dignity as he did when he faced the onslaught from that female threesome who set out to “get Boris”.    Were we seeing politicians at their best?

The chancellor joined in, and quite rightly got chided by journalists for his reckless blackmail against the voter. It got to Sarah Vine. Her thoughts would resonate with a good many of the electorate. (Sarah Vine).  For Stephen Glover, The PM has made a big hash of the Referendum.

Said fellow journalist Max Hastings in an earlier article of the Prime Minister’s feeble attempts to face up to the EU boffins for a better deal for the UK, “Cameron could yet win his summer referendum on Europe, for the usual reasons such things happen: on the day, voters prove too scared to risk the unknowns of ‘out’.”

And I guess that is how many will vote tomorrow. Then says Hastings, “But on the case the Prime Minister has made thus far, and following the risible draft deal he has struck with Donald Tusk, he does not deserve to.”


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