My name is Malgwyn. I am a Christian and interested in issues that impact on Christian faith and experience and also affect human freedoms and fairness. I have read Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, so I am very interested in the current Atheist V Christian ‘God debate’ which shows signs of having a very long life. Blogging looks like it could be fun and something I might enjoy doing. But there is also the serious side of things to which many of us want at sometime to lend our voices when we want to shout, have you read this? I felt that when I read the issue raised in The Cavendish Files. (To access ‘The Cavendish Files’ see end of post).  Could this kind of thing happen in the UK?

I am interested in Life Issues, Social Issues, and as a Christian, in Religious Issues, especially the Faith and Science Issue so the blog will be much about the ‘things I read’. I have my favourite blogs and have long wanted to have a go myself. I have a generous hearted friend who is willing to help with the tech side. With his help, this is me, having a go with a blog in place of the book I’ll never write and others would not read.

Edit note on the Camilla Cavendish Files and other links in the blog:
I have discovered that since beginning this blog that one of the weaknesses of linking to references or sources on the Internet is that the source or reference may be removed or decide to charge for access, as in the case of The Times newspaper. I was a reader of The Times newspaper but it became too expensive and then to pay for it online as well??? But this is where I will have to go through the posts (when I have time) to possibly delete posts if they no longer make sense without source material. In the example here where I have a link to Camilla Cavendish, the links above might now be redundant where I stated my reasons for beginning this blog. But I can now link again to the ‘Cavendish Files‘.

Scroll down to find the relevant Camilla Cavendish articles  –  also accessed here.

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