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The EU Referendum and a Frightened Electorate

David Cameron Warned Brussels: UK Will Be Successful Outside E.U. 9 Nov. 2016 UK Would Do Okay Outside the European Union, David Cameron Says – 9 Nov 2015 David Cameron Says He Will Not Rule Out Britain Leaving EU – 7 Nov. 2015 Cameron Admits Britain Is Capable Of A Future Outside The EU […]

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Wales: ‘The Nearly Nation’ Is My Homeland

Simon Jenkins’ essay on ‘the nearly nation’, Wales, gives this expat that feeling of nostalgia I experience every time I return to Wales to visit family and friends, and make new friends tracing family history. Born and raised in Wales by Welsh speaking parents, they went to school to learn English; I went to school […]

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Media Onslaught On UKIP Backfires

So says today’s Guardian. I’ve been wondering what has been going on with the media and the issue over Romanian Immigrants. The Daily Mail is just one newspaper that has been feeding us negative stories of ‘Aggressive Begging by Roma’ It wasn’t Nigel Farage who published this headline! And now that Nigel Farage is repeating what […]

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Russia Draws A Line Under Crimea

So far and no further! That seems to be the message that President Putin has sent to the West in his annexing Crimea. Russia has been feeling vulnerable with the EU expanding its borders eastwards. The West has presumed too much on Russia. Ukraine now feels threatened by the Soviet military presence on its borders, […]

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Polish Minister Was Surprised by UK’s Open Immigration Policy

I have several immigrant friends or acquaintances but all of them have come here to work. I have met indigenous scroungers but I have not come across any immigrant scroungers. But mass immigration appears to be troubling our country a great deal in places, as well as our ties to the E.U. and its restrictions […]

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Germany Violates Family’s Human Rights

There is no government hindrance to Home Education in the UK. It is on the increase with lots of schooling helps online. And there is a reported increase of Home Schooling in the USA. But Home Education or Home Schooling is not tolerated in some parts of the so-called ‘free world’, particularly Germany. I have posted […]

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EU’s Religious Freedom Guidelines Need Improving

The EU’s religious freedom guidelines need improving in key areas says Catholic Voices. “Among the bodies welcoming the publication of the EU’s new religious freedom guidelines are COMECE, the Catholic Church’ Brussels lobby (its statement is here), and the campaign group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW; its statement is here). Both recognise that the 18-page Guidelines […]

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