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How Did The Giraffe’s Get Its Long Neck?

Simon Barnes, a sports and nature writer is highly esteemed by journalist colleagues. He recently left The Times to the surprise of colleagues. The cost-cutting move by The Times is thought by one fellow journalist to be likened to a football manager selling off their main striker; it didn’t seem to make sense. I read […]

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Scientist Fired Over Dinosaur Find

Whatever the truth of the ‘dino’ discovery and of the sacking of a scientist, both sides of the origins debate taking up their cudgels with which to beat each other into becoming the next round of fossil finds! Science Direct, gives brief news on the case, and here is an actual press release from the […]

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Richard Dawkins’ ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’

‘The Greatest Hoax on Earth’ is Jonathan Sarfati’s response to Richard Dawkins’ ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’. Sarfati comments briefly on Dawkins previous evolutionary works, such as: “Climbing Mount Improbable (1996), one of Dawkins‘ own favourites among his books, aimed to defend slow and gradual evolution. The title is a parable: many structures in living organisms […]

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Dawkins Ducks Debate With Leading Christian Apologist

Polly Toynbee, President of the British Humanist Association, and Vice Presidents, Richard Dawkins and A. C. Grayling, are said to have pulled out of debating William Craig on his October tour of the UK. William Craig is a world leading Christian apologist of whom Sam Harris is reported to have said, he is “the one […]

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Dawkins Is Rude To Texas Governor Rick Perry

The article shows him to be rude to many others but is it new for Professor Dawkins? He calls the Texas governor a ‘fool’ for questioning the ‘fact’ of evolution reports CMI.

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Says, Dr. Stephen Hayes, ‘Professor Alistair McGrath is something of a modern day C S Lewis. A prominent Anglican Christian writer formerly based at the University of Oxford [Ed: now London], like Lewis (who took on the anti-Christian intellectuals of his day such as George Bernard Shaw and J B S Haldane), he has written […]

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New DNA Repair Enzyme Discovered

Every time I read about DNA I think how amazing it is. Just to read this is amazing: “Our information is stored on the famous DNA double helix molecule. This is so efficient that just five round pinheads full of DNA could hold all the information of the earth’s entire human population. Just one of […]

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