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Cecil The Lion & Wildlife Killing

“It is no accident that one of the two men who accompanied the dentist on the safari, and who have now been arrested, was a farmer (the other was a professional hunter hired by Palmer as a guide). State wildlife officials claim that Honest Trymore Ndlovu helped lured the lion off the wildlife reserve and onto […]

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Origin of Remembrance Day and 2014

How people power created Remembrance Day: As millions flock to see those Tower poppies, the remarkable story of how ordinary Britons won the right to honour the fallen “People Power Keeps Tower Poppies: Exhibition To Stay Until The End Of The Month” announces the Singapore News. Millions of people have turned up to see the […]

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John Humphrys On The Death of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela died on the 5th December 2013 aged 95, and is now laid to rest in his ancestral home of Qunu. In tribute, John Humphrey reports that Nelson Mandela became “The first black president of South Africa. Over the years that followed, Mandela would become the most respected, the most revered, statesman of his […]

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The Unbearable Sadness of the Welsh Valleys

I would have loved to have retired in Wales, – to be ‘back home’! I’m a patriot at heart. “We keep a welcome in the hillside”! We still have family and friends in Wales but our immediate family and grandchildren are where we are so that is the bigger pull. But the closing of the […]

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New Year 2012 Breaking IN Around The World

New Year Around The World New Year In London

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All Things Bright And Beautiful

Set in the Welsh countryside of the Usk Valley the house that is said to have inspired the composition of the popular hymn, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’, is up for sale for £2.25m.  The Welsh would say this is God’s own country and Welsh the language of heaven. Although, Dunster  also claims to be the […]

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5-Week-Old Brown Squirrels Rescued – A Great Story

This story of the rescue of 4 5-week-old squirrels appealed to me!

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