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The EU Referendum and a Frightened Electorate

David Cameron Warned Brussels: UK Will Be Successful Outside E.U. 9 Nov. 2016 UK Would Do Okay Outside the European Union, David Cameron Says – 9 Nov 2015 David Cameron Says He Will Not Rule Out Britain Leaving EU – 7 Nov. 2015 Cameron Admits Britain Is Capable Of A Future Outside The EU […]

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International Outrage Over Gang Rape Sentence

News from New Zealand: Sisters sentenced to be raped The News International: Indian Sisters ordered to be (gang) raped Sky News: Protest as sisters are sentenced to be raped. Live Law: Two sisters to be raped as punishment. News Vice: Outrage over village gang rape sentence on Indian sisters The world’s press has rightly drawn […]

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1000 Lashes For Saudi Blogger

Saudi is ‘in the dock’ says the Guardian. “The cruel and unjust sentence passed on the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes, has been upheld by the supreme court in Riyadh. Hopes that the court might reduce or even commute the sentence, particularly as the holy fast of Ramadan begins next […]

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US View Downton Abbey – & The UK’s Demise Of Faith

“There are countless lessons for American Christians to observe as we watch Downton Abbey. But we ought not to miss the larger story of which tales like Downton are only a part. The world that was passing away was not only a world of footmen, but also of faith. Britain would never be the same […]

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1000 Lashes For Saudi Blogger

A family man with three small children is to receive 50 lashes a week for twenty weeks, but the second week has been deferred because his wounds are not healed enough to take the second round of lashing. He also faces 10 years imprisonment ( he has already served two years), and fined £175,000. While […]

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Wales: ‘The Nearly Nation’ Is My Homeland

Simon Jenkins’ essay on ‘the nearly nation’, Wales, gives this expat that feeling of nostalgia I experience every time I return to Wales to visit family and friends, and make new friends tracing family history. Born and raised in Wales by Welsh speaking parents, they went to school to learn English; I went to school […]

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Scotland Remains Part Of The UK 2014

There is a hangover from Scotland’s Vote for Independence – disappointment for the Yes voters and relief for the ‘No’ voters. Will there be another move towards Scottish Independence by the next generation? My last post remains for posterity – if articles are accessible, will most newspapers have become paid subscriptions by then? The Telegraph gives […]

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