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How Did The Giraffe’s Get Its Long Neck?

Simon Barnes, a sports and nature writer is highly esteemed by journalist colleagues. He recently left The Times to the surprise of colleagues. The cost-cutting move by The Times is thought by one fellow journalist to be likened to a football manager selling off their main striker; it didn’t seem to make sense. I read […]

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Solstice V Equinox

“The solstice doesn’t always occur on 21 December. Sometimes it nudges into the early hours of 22 December, which will happen again next year. The hour of day also varies. Last year’s arrived at 17:11. Next year’s will at 04:38.”  Will I remember? The National Post with graphics on the Solstice V Equinox

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Wales: ‘The Nearly Nation’ Is My Homeland

Simon Jenkins’ essay on ‘the nearly nation’, Wales, gives this expat that feeling of nostalgia I experience every time I return to Wales to visit family and friends, and make new friends tracing family history. Born and raised in Wales by Welsh speaking parents, they went to school to learn English; I went to school […]

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The Mail Appeals To Ukippers: Vote Tory

Yesterday’s DAILY MAIL COMMENT said the Tories can win if they stop demonising Ukip Says the Mail, “The EU is now so corrupt, wasteful, unaccountable, and grotesquely self-serving that it has become an affront not only to democracy but to decency itself. “Its malign influence is being felt across Europe, where its disastrous economic policies […]

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New Year 2012 Breaking IN Around The World

New Year Around The World New Year In London

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The Tragedy in ‘Sandy Hook’

We in the UK have been sorrowing for a family whose wife and mother committed suicide due to a senseless hoax.  That has been dwarfed by an equally senseless mass killing at ‘Sandy Hook‘ , US. America is trying to come to terms with another gun tragedy, 27 deaths, 20 of them children aged between 6 […]

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The Pea Souper That Killed 12,000

I have recently come back from warmer climes to the chill of British winter. Reading the Daily Mail newspaper two phrases I remember occasionally being used when I was a young lad – the one described a negative outcome of the behaviour of one of our peers who was no longer around because he had […]

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